Collages of memory:VM2

Musella Mix 1:
A Jukebox-style mix, archiving and tying together sound recordings that have shaped the canon of black music and creativity in modern times. Required Listening.

One City:
After much research, we developed an urban soundscape of New York City, one of our favorite cities.  We produced this field recording in an effort to shed light on the storied lives of the city’s vibrant citizens.

We also set out to critique how a refinement of policies in the city have worked to police and weaponize urban noise. These laws create a dichotomy of sound classification that generally associates silent or quieter areas in the city with whiteness and affluence, while other areas heavily populated by minorities are deemed loud and noisy, or worse, “dangerous.”

Everything that we encounter in a recorded format is mediated and possibly biased to the subjectivity or authoritarian input of its creator. With this understanding we applied narrative voice in our work to obscure racial, socioeconomic, and gender identifiers—allowing for listeners to just hear the stories for what they are.